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Create a world where everyone has the freedom to make awesome things that matter.

The word "sun" included in our company name represents our vision. As the sun nurtures all lives on the earth, we aim to become a solid nurturing infrastructure for innovative businesses and innovators by shedding light on their "seed." Our goal is to intrigue the creative instinct that all human beings have since birth and create a world where everyone can "make awesome things that matter."



Create radical products and businesses with people who actually care about what they do

The * (asterisk) is a symbol used in many programming languages to represent multiplication. Through assembling the most qualified teams for value creation, transcending the boundaries between startups and large companies, and collaborating with people, things, and matters that are seriously tackling social issues, we promote all industries' digitization and launch positive updates to society.




Assemble optimal teams that can utilize digital technology and creativity. Promote digitalization in all industries and deploy businesses that fulfill value creation to update society.

Discover talents from all over the world. Globalize value creation infrastructure.

We develop IT human resources, mainly in Japan and ASEAN countries. Approximately 2,000 students are training in Japan and other countries every year. We created a unique curriculum that incorporates know-how based on various new businesses, products, and startup launches to create value creation infrastructure globally.

SDGs Sun* is working to remain the world sustainable.
貧困をなくそう 質の高い教育をみんなに 産業と技術革新の基盤を作ろう

Company Profile

  • Company Name

    Sun* Inc.

  • Date of the Founding

    March, 2013

  • Employees

    Approximately 1,500 employees (All groups)

  • Capital

    Capital 33,8 billion yen (includes capital reserve)

  • Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Permission No.


  • Registered Privacymark No.


経営陣 経営陣

Leadership Team

Executive Profiles
Representative Director, Executive Officer, CEO

Taihei Kobayashi

After dropping out of Waseda High School, he played in a band while being homeless and started working at a club in Shinjuku. After a while, he became an IT engineer and joined a software development company. With global development experience with Chinese and Vietnamese engineers in developing social applications, he believed that Asian young talents create the future. He moved to Vietnam in July 2012 and worked as COO to launch Framgia (currently Sun*). Since December 2017, he has been the president of the company.

Director, Executive Officer, COO

Takuya Umeda

After graduating from Finance and Investment at Baruch College of The City University of New York, he worked as a securities broker at an investment bank in New York, a proprietary dealer in Japan, and became CFO at a startup company. In April 2018, he joined Sun* as Startup Studio Manager, then Executive Officer, and became Director. He is in charge of overall business promotion.

Director, Executive Officer, CSuO (Chief Sustainability Officer)

Yusuke Hattori

After graduating from Nagoya University Graduate School of Economics with a major in Industrial Management Systems, he joined Intelligence Co. (now Parsol Career) in 1998. With experience in launching the recruiting business, BPR project promotion, new business development, domestic and overseas M&A, etc., he was responsible for promoting overseas business as GM of the Strategy Department and Executive Officer. In 2013, he joined the management of Framgia (now Sun*). Currently, as Director and CSuO, he is in charge of promoting sustainability throughout the group.

Executive Officer CFO

Yuya Fukutomi

2005 Joined Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. Joined Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., where he worked in the Accounting and Finance Department working on accounting, tax, financial management, and M&A roles. 2008 Joined JPMorgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd. In 2018, he was promoted to Executive Director in the M&A Group. 2020 Joined GA technologies and became Director of the Management Strategy Division and Executive Officer CFO, responsible for financial strategy, financing, IR, investment strategy, business strategy, new business planning and promotion, etc. 2022 Joined Sun Asterisk as General Manager leading the Business Administration Office. In 2024, he became Executive Officer CFO.

Makoto Hirai

After graduating from Sophia University Graduate School of Science and Technology, he joined Mitsubishi Corporation and was in charge of new business for space satellites in the Information Industry Group. After, at Intelligence Co., he established group companies, marketing, and corporate planning. Later, he established Atrae Co. and became its director. In 2012, he founded Framgia (now Sun*). After serving as group CEO, he is now in charge of discovering startups in various fields and providing business support by utilizing his knowledge as a serial entrepreneur.

Acting Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee member)
Ken Nihonyanagi

After graduating from the Faculty of Commerce at Keio University, he joined the International Department of KPMG AZSA LLC in 2004. He engaged in audits work, regulatory affairs, etc., of semiconductor, cosmetics, and energy companies. He worked independently as a consultant of corporate finance and accounting in 2015. He was appointed as a member of the Audit and Supervisory Committee of Sun* in March 2021.

External Director (Audit and Supervisory Commitee member)
Toshihiro Ozawa

After graduating from Kansai University Graduate School of Engineering, he worked as an IT consulting and systems manager at a major SI company, consulting firm, and electronics manufacturer. In 2008 he joined Intelligence Co. as CIO. Later in Parsol Group, he served as a director of the headquarters division and overseas business.

External Director (Audit and Supervisory Commitee member)
Eriko Ishii

After graduating from Keio University Faculty of Law and Columbia Law School (L.L.M.) in the U.S., she joined Mori Hamada & Matsumoto in 2004, engaged in corporate legal work for various listed companies. In 2016, she joined Shin Saiwai Sogo Law office and was also involved in supporting startups. In March 2021, she was appointed as a member of Sun*'s Audit and Supervisory Committee.



Sun* Inc.

B1, Otemachi Building 1-6-1, Otemachi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 100-0004, Japan
Sun Asterisk Vietnam Co.,Ltd.

13F Keangnam Hanoi Landmark 72 Tower,
Plot E6, Pham Hung Road, Nam Tu Liem Dist., Ha Noi
Sun* Inc.

B1, Otemachi Building 1-6-1, Otemachi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 100-0004, Japan
Sun Asterisk Vietnam Co.,Ltd.

13F Keangnam Hanoi Landmark 72 Tower,
Plot E6, Pham Hung Road, Nam Tu Liem Dist., Ha Noi

CEO Message

Create a world where everyone has the freedom to make awesome things that matter.

Sun* aims for world peace.

Looking around the world, we can see various issues, from the major social issues described in the SDGs to small life issues around us.

We will take on the challenge of solving these issues with digital technology and creativity.In the future after solving the issues, our goal is to realize the world where we can freely create the value we imagine.

A world where we can be excited about creating new values and can't wait for a new morning, just like we were children. For us, that is world peace.

Sun* will create the infrastructure to realize a world where everyone can "make awesome things that matter."

Taihei K.