Contributing to Address Global Issues including Climate Change and Environmental Pollution

Throughout all areas of our business activities, Sun* Group acts in full consideration of environmental issues, such as prevention of pollution, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, mitigation and adaptation of climate change, and conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems, based on the thought that each employee, as corporate citizens, should be aware that addressing environmental issues is one of their social responsibilities. In addition, we make efforts to reduce our environmental burden by reducing waste, promoting energy and resource conservation, and conducting corporate activities based on the risks and opportunities that climate change imposes on the business environment.

Climate Change Mitigation Initiatives

Since our establishment, Sun* Group has been actively recruiting every year, and has hired many employees with experience or potential in value creation by utilizing digital technology and creativity. The Group continues to commit to securing talent capable of engaging in Digital Transformation and value creation in all industries, as well as continuously expanding job opportunities.

Promotion of "Paperless"

We continue to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by significantly eliminating the use of paper for in-house work through vigorous digitization of internal operations. We are also committed to reducing unnecessary use of paper in society through digitization of our clients' businesses.

Conservation of Energy

We have been promoting flexible work styles that are not bound to the office since our establishment, and we strive to reduce the use of electricity in the office through efforts including remote work.

In regard to society, we actively support clients in the mineral resources and energy industry. We address environmental issues we cannot resolve on our own by forming alliances with our clients to provide knowledge on digitalization.

Trend of Our Environmental Performance Indicators

2019 2020 2021
SCOPE1 (kg-CO2) 0 0 0
SCOPE2 (kg-CO2) 40,683 40,551 39,049
Total of SCOPE 1, 2 40,683 40,551 39,049
Electricity usage (kwh) 78,3993 87,228 86,844
Carbon Intensity 898 756 486
  • * Sun Asterisk only
  • * SCOPE1 is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from the direct use of gas in the office.
  • * SCOPE2 is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from electricity use in the office.
  • * CO2 emission factor calculated by emission factor in FY2019
  • Kanda partially closed in November 2020, and Ryogoku opened in December 2020.
  • Carbon Intensity calculated as CO2 emission volume/sales (100 million yen)