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Identifying, Developing and Promoting Value Creation Talent and Teams

Sun Group focuses on identifying, developing and promoting talent and teams with experience or potential in value creation by utilizing digital technology and creativity, and provides maximum support to the development and deployment of diverse talent, skills and capabilities.

Initiatives to Recruit Value Creation Talent

Since our establishment, we have been actively recruiting every year, and have hired many employees with experience or potential in value creation by utilizing digital technology and creativity. The group continues to commit to securing talent capable of engaging in Digital Transformation and value creation in all industries, as well as continually expanding job opportunities.

Number of New Hires

FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021 FY 2022 FY 2023
Number of New Hires(1) Total 39 67 71 107 135
Experienced Post-graduates 36 56 59 76 66
Graduates 3 11 12 31 68
  • (1) Sun* only.

Initiatives to Develop Value Creation Talent

Sun* Group has developed a skill map by job category and grade, defining the grade requirements for each position. By publishing the requirements for each position, employees can identify positions that are closer to their career plans as well as understand the roles, responsibilities and required skills for the position, and define the skills that they need to develop to reach that position. Additionally, employees can continually develop their skills with the support of their superiors through the assessment of demonstrated skills during one-on-one sessions with superiors.

The grade requirements table is available to all employees as we encourage employees to proactively consider what experience they wish to gain as well as which skills they wish to develop and put into action. We also have in place skill training programs at all levels for employees to continually advance their skills. We are aiming for a company where employees can enjoy developing through their work and can proactively make career decisions.

Initiatives to Identify and Develop New Talent

Sun* Group also promotes identifying and developing talent through industry-academia collaboration. An infrastructure that supports value creation, and above all, people with passion (innovators) are prerequisites for us to achieve our goal of "Create a world where everyone has the freedom to make awesome things that matter." Sun* is engaged in constructing a value creation infrastructure that fosters innovators of the future. Sun* has assigned the name xseeds to its initiative to foster innovators of the future and develop talent that can launch positive updates to the world by combining elements (x) and talent (seeds). xseeds is an educational project aiming to identify, develop and optimally deploy talent on a global scale and breed the innovators of the future.

Sun* xseeds Program (Enrolled/Graduates)

FY ended December 2019 FY ended December 2020 FY ended December 2021 FY ended December 2022 FY ended December 2023
Enrolled on Sun* xseeds program(1) 1,413 1,869 2,248 2,659 2,849
Graduates of Sun* xseeds program(2) 425 503 709 951 1,332
Number of job placements assisted to Sun* xseeds program graduates(3) 316 395 475 621 433
  • (1) Number of people enrolled at end of relevant FY
  • (2) Number of people graduated within the relevant FY
  • (3) Number of new employees within the end of the relevant FY

Initiatives to Achieve Optimal Talent Deployment

Sun* Group not only recruits its employees, but also provides talent introduction services to our clients. In the process of promoting digitalization and value creation that update society, we have found that many companies and project teams involved in Digital Transformation and the promotion of new businesses are facing issues such as not having enough leaders to steer their projects, being short on product/service creators and lacking the know-how to promote Digital Transformation or new businesses.

From our enormous human resources network and talent pool, we can introduce professional talent with sophisticated experience and knowledge required in the value creation process many companies involved in Digital Transformation and promotion of new businesses are looking for. Additionally, we can provide support to clients from the development team creation stage. Through such efforts, we aim to achieve optimal talent deployment on a global scale in order to promote digitalization in all industries.

Talent & Team

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