Handling of Personal Information

Name of Business Establishment

Sun* Inc.

Purpose of acquisition and use of personal information

We ask you to provide personal information such as name, email address when you wish to make inquiries to us or request material for downloading. We will use such information solely for the purpose of responding to your inquiries and requests or for the provision of the material you have requested and for no other purposes.

Entrustment of Personal Information

In case of entrusting the processing of personal information to a third party, we will impose a contractual obligation on such party to prevent leakage and forbid the transfer of personal information as well as provide appropriate supervision to such third party.

Your Right to Disclosure etc. of Personal Information

In case you wish to request notification of purpose of use, disclosure, corrections, additions or deletions, erasure, suspension of use and suspension of provision to third parties in relation to personal information data that are subject to the right of disclosure (excluding screening data related to recruitment), we will promptly accommodate your request in accordance with our internal procedures.

You Option not to Provide Personal Information

You have the option not to provide us with your personal information. However, we may deem that you no longer wish to make your inquiry or request in such a case.

Regarding your "Right to Information in relation to Stored Personal Data" including the purpose of use of personal data or the procedure for "Request of Disclosure", please contact our consultation counter below. We will endeavor to respond as soon as we can.

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Sun* Inc.
Personal Information Safety Manager (General Manager of Business Management)
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