Security Policy

General Policy on Information Security

Sun* has established information security policies including this General Policy, Information Security Management Regulations, Personal Information Protection Regulations, and other related rules and regulations and will implement the following initiatives, in order to protect information assets of clients and Sun* that it handles in the course of its operations, as well as to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

  • 1. Sun* will take utmost care in its security measures to protect information assets of clients and other parties that it handles in the course of its operations, and place first priority on the prevention of risks such as loss, corruption, falsification and leakage of information assets.

  • 2. Sun* will implement appropriate security measures for its own information assets in accordance with their importance, while endeavoring to maximize the use of such assets.

  • 3. Sun* has established the Information Security Committee as its internal organization in charge of information security. In addition, we have also assigned managers and persons in charge of information security at each department. Sun* will implement, operate and promote security measures of information assets on a company-wide basis through such structure.

  • 4. Sun* will conduct training and awareness-raising sessions for all of its officers and employees (including temporary employees) to ensure awareness of our information security policy. Sun* will ensure that all officers and employees handling information assets comply with the information security policy and shall fulfill their responsibilities and obligations stipulated in the policy.

  • 5. Sun* will, taking into consideration technological advancement and changes in the business environment, maintain and enhance information security, by continuously carrying out risk assessments on information assets from multiple aspects, and reflecting the assessment results in our information security policy and related initiatives.

  • 6. Sun* will ensure information security within Sun* through regular audits of the operation of information security measures, and by implementing appropriate corrective actions where necessary.

  • 7. Sun* is committed to protecting order in the Internet society and contributing to its healthy development.

  • 8. Sun* will comply with laws and regulations and other norms related to information security.

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Security Policy