DX・Value Co-Creation

Developing Value Chains with Various Partners

Sun* Group strives to establish strong partnerships with customers, investors and business partners, and develop its value chain ecosystem.

Client Relationship Initiatives

At Sun* Group, we aim to go beyond the client/contractor relationship to procure deliverables and form a partnership with our clients where we jointly pursue success and growth of businesses and services. To this end, we will embrace our clients' businesses and services to truly materialize their vision.
Sun* Group regards the number of stock-type businesses (businesses that offer continued services such as subscription services, as opposed to businesses making only one-time sales) clients and average revenue per user (ARPU) as its two most important KPIs that capture the results of our relationship with the client and value of the services provided to the client. This is because, if the Sun* Group continually contributed to the success and growth in businesses and services of our clients, the contract with the client would also be extended and continue to grow. In addition, we also conduct periodic client surveys to gauge whether our clients would consider recommending our services to other companies.

Trend of Our Customer Relationship Performance Indicators Client relationship

FY Ended December 2019 FY Ended December 2020 FY Ended December 2021 FY Ended December 2022 FY Ended December 2023
Numbers of Clients and ARPU Number of Stock-type businesses Clients(1) 72 companies 85 companies 95 companies 110 companies 121 companies
Average Monthly Revenue per User (ARPU)(2) 3.08 million yen 3.89 million yen 4.75 million yen 5.06 million yen 5.18 million yen
Average Churn-rate per month(3)(4) 3.52% 3.63% 3.45% 3.52% 3.58%
Customer Survey Score Number of Responses 39 44 57 51 48
Response Ratio 65.6% 74.46% 81.10% 81.90% 73.70%
Customers' NPS(5) 27.3p 25.4p 27.0p 24.7p 19.1p
  • (1) Number of companies at end of relevant FY
  • (2) Average Monthly Revenue per User during the relevant FY
  • (3) Based on the number of withdrawals and average number of total clients for the period commencing from January 2015 and ending at the end of the relevant FY, and calculated as [withdrawals during the period] divided by [average number of clients during the period]
  • (4) Average of results for FY12/2019 in October of the same year, for FY12/2020 in November of the same year, and for FY12/2021 and thereafter three times a year
  • (5) NPS® is an abbreviation for “Net Promoter Score®” and is one of the indicators to measure customer loyalty. It means "Net Recommender Ratio," which indicates the degree of loyalty to companies and brands, obtained by using the question "From a scale of 1-10, how likely would you be to recommend us (our services, our products) to your friends?"

Partners Relationship Initiatives

The * (asterisk) included in our company name is a symbol used in many programming languages to represent multiplication. Through assembling the most qualified teams for value creation, transcending the boundaries between startups and large companies, and collaborating with people, things, and matters that are seriously tackling social issues, we promote digitalization across industries and launch positive updates to society. In order to make this possible, Sun* Group strives to establish healthy partnerships with business partners, investors and collaboration/alliance partners through fair trade and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Accordingly, when entering into contracts with business partners that perform important functions in relation to the delivery of our services, we ask our partners for their agreement to and compliance with relevant laws and regulations and the elimination of anti-social forces.

In addition, as a general policy, we have established our "Compliance Manual" for Sun* Group employees, not only to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, but also to fulfill corporate social responsibility with our business partners and build a relationship of mutual trust and understanding.

As we fully recognize the importance of enhancing our partnership base and developing a value-chain ecosystem for continued growth of the Sun* Group, we are focusing on furthering our relationships with partners through mutual trust by periodically reviewing our total number of business partners, invested companies, and collaboration/alliance partners, etc. as an important KPI. We intend to further enhance our engagement by providing various programs to our valued partners, and strive to promote sustainable management in the value chain and strengthen our compliance initiatives.

Trend of Our Partner Relationship Performance Indicators

FY Ended December 2019 FY Ended December 2020 FY Ended December 2021 FY Ended December 2022 FY Ended December 2023
Business Partners Number of Vendors(1) 81 partners 117 partners 138 partners 101 partners 97 partners
Invested Companies Accumulated Number of Invested Companies(2) 16 companies 18 companies 23 companies 24 companies 24 companies
Collaboration/Alliance Partners Number of orders to vendors in excess of 1 million yen in relevant FY(2) 6 universities 8 universities 12 universities 12 universities 12 universities
  • (1) Number of orders to vendors in excess of 1 million yen in relevant FY
  • (2) Total accumulated number up to the end of relevant FY

DX・Value Co-Creation

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