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Improving Client Experience and Service Quality

We strive to exceed expectations and become our clients' most trusted partner by committing to the success of their businesses, services and products, and continuing to make proposals and improvements from users' perspectives

Initiatives to Improve Service Quality

"Sun* Group is attempting to establish an efficient organizational system with the chief aim being ensuring that capable talent with a background in industry-academia collaborations in Vietnam can realize their full potential and deliver high-level performance.
For cross-divisional management of projects, we have a department called PAO, which is similar to a project management office. The department has two functions; a development function and an operational function. They develop policies as well as implement the policies in collaboration with development teams. Some of the implemented policies are shown below."

Management of Incidents Arising in Projects and Ensuring Implementation of Permanent Measures to Prevent Recurrence

We have a system in place to ensure all project incident reports are promptly recorded, the seriousness of the incident is assessed against a set of common criteria, the relevant team are tasked to develop permanent measures to prevent the incident from reoccuring. These measures will then be reviewed to verify their appropriateness and the necessity of implementation.
Diagram: Example of Incident Analysis

Focused Capability Assessment and Training for BrSEs with a Center Role in Projects

The definition of BrSE is a system engineer who can communicate in both languages of the client and development team. However, the range of required skills are much broader in practice and it is important to assess the capability of the BrSE for each required skill set. In addition to ordinary HR assessment. We conduct separate assessments for BrSEs for the following skill sets, with which we assess lack of any capability and conduct a risk analysis on assigning the individual to a project.
  • Language Skill
  • Communication Skill
  • System Requirements Analyzing Skill
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Process Management Skill
The Company utilizes the BrSE assessment for regular interviews as well as a basis for determining future training needs.

Development of Educational Contents including Mindset and Provision of e-Learning

We provide training on fine elements of development knowledge to ensure the precise understanding of issues to the minute level.
Diagram: Example of Actual Educational Contents

Collecting Feedback and Addressing Issues Obtained from Client Surveys

We collect and score customers feedback regularly
Chart: Trend of Service Quality Performance Indicators
FY Ended December 2019 FY Ended December 2020 FY Ended December 2021 FY Ended December 2022 FY Ended December 2023
Client Survey Score(1) Quality 4.03 4.16 4.19 4.19 4.07
Cost 3.88 4.19 4.2 4.17 3.99
Delivery 4.16 4.4 4.35 4.40 4.14
Technical Capability 4.21 4.24 4.18 4.28 4.22
Motivation of Members 4.44 4.53 4.42 4.54 4.50
(1)Average of results for FY12/2019 in October of the same year, FY12/2020 in November of the same year, and three times a year from FY12/2021 onward maximum score of 5 points.

DX・Value Co-Creation