Promotion Structure and Awareness-raising Activities

Promotion Structure

Within the company organization, we have established the Sustainability Promotion Department under the supervision of the Chief Sustainability Promotion Officer nominated by the Board of Directors, to promote sustainability.

The Sustainability Promotion Department is responsible for planning of initiatives related to sustainability, ensuring awareness of the initiatives and monitoring the progress thereon throughout the entire Sun* Group, as well as external communication including disseminating information in the form of various reports. Besides information disclosure, the department also interacts with stakeholders, and reports issues identified from their input, as well as through other activities, to the Chief Sustainability Promotion Officer. The department provides feedback on such issues also to top management and relevant headquarter departments (such as Corporate Planning, HR, Administration, Legal, Accounting & Finance, Public Relations, IR). We will establish Sun*'s response initiatives to address the identified issues, which will be incorporated into management policies as necessary. The Sustainability Promotion Department and relevant headquarter departments will promote activities by disseminating the incorporated initiatives and activities to domestic and overseas business units and group companies.

In line with our regulations, the Sustainability Promotion Department provides a status report on Sun*'s Sustainability activities to the Board of Directors for their annual review. In addition, for issues of high importance, the officer and department in charge of the issue will report periodically to the Board of Directors for their review.


Awareness Campaign

We conduct various awareness-raising activities at Sun*, in view of the importance of raising the awareness of each and every employee in our efforts to promote sustainability.

For example, Sun* Inc. and some of our group companies hold company-wide online training courses to increase general knowledge on sustainability, showcase Sun*'s sustainability promotion activities and raise basic overall awareness on sustainability.

In addition, at internal events for domestic group companies such as "All Hands Meeting," "CI & Sustainability Session," and "Intre ("intrepreneur")," sustainability-related information is showcased and workshops are held where employees can discuss their ideas in groups. The themes for discussion vary from the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to unconscious bias, cleantech, disaster support, global understanding, work-life balance, diversity and social innovation.



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