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Protecting Privacy and Information Security

Sun* Group regards the protection of information assets such as personal information of customers, employees, other stakeholders, and its own information assets from various threats in accordance with changes in the perception and technological development in relation to privacy and information security, as our social mission as a company. Accordingly, we have established our General Information Security Policy, Privacy Policy, Information Security Management Regulations, Personal Information Protection Regulations, and other related rules and regulations, and work to continuously improve and strengthen our activities.

Information Security Management and Personal Information Protection System

Sun* Group has established an Information Security Committee chaired by the director and head of the Business Administration Division with the general managers of each department as committee members. In principle, the committee meets each quarter to promote initiatives related to information security and personal information protection. The Information Systems Department takes the lead in checking for vulnerabilities in the networks and in-house systems of each of Sun*'s sites on an annual basis. As well. they review and strengthen measures as necessary. In addition, we continuously review our regulations and operational procedures to ensure that we maintain regulations, rules, and guidelines covering the entire process from acquisition/creation to disposal of confidential information consisting of and defined as entrusted data from clients and in-house data. We also conduct educational programs and tests on information security and protection of personal information targeted at all employees of Sun* as well as contractors twice a year to raise their understanding and awareness of information security and protection of personal information.

Certification Acquisition Status
Vietnam: Information Security Management System (ISMS)
Japan: Privacy Mark, Information Security Management System (ISMS)

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